"... great and happy
the master would be,
who could make all his students
than he was."

J.G. Fichte,
alumnus portensis 1774-80

School Concept

At Landessschule Pforta every student has to choose one of three centres of interest: foreign languages, music or natural sciences. That means that he has to do more subjects and more lessons in addition to the regular time table that is not reduced in favor of his centres of interest. The aim of education is not the constriction to one-sided specialization, but the broadening of general higher education in a field where individual interest and capabilities motivate to additional efforts and higher performances.

The educational concept especially comprises the cultivation of social competences that "in real life" are just as relevant as solid professional qualifications. Therefore Schulpforte holds up the principle of unity of education and teaching, which is why all students live in the boarding school, where they train their manners and relations with other people. There is no extra boarding staff looking after them, but – due to the unity of teaching and education – the teachers too live and work in the boarding school as housemasters or teachers on duty.

Social competence also means independance and ability to work on one's own. Thus, there is only a small number of offical leisure amenities that can be consumed passively. The huge rest, whether sports or theater or other activities, is organized by the students themselves.

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